Squadron Leader Jim Schofield

Computer Science alumnus Jim Schofield and his recent delivery of the UK’s first F-35 fighter

Jim Scholfield The Daily Mail reports that the defence secretary declares Britain's new £100m superfighter jet 'money well spent' after seeing it in action for the first time.

The new jet - called Lightning II - can manoeuver backwards, land on aircraft carriers, reach speeds of more than 1,200mph and carry up to seven tons of bombs.  

The plane's design with sharp angles and special coating makes it difficult for radars to detect it.

As the defence secretary watched RAF test pilot Squadron Leader Jim Schofield put the plane through its paces in dramatic flight scenes reminiscent of the film Top Gun, he said: 'This is money well spent'. 

Talking about the test flight, pilot Schofield said: 'It was an honour. This revolutionary aircraft will provide the best protection for our soldiers, sailors and airmen for 35 years.' Read more: