Spectacular glacier movement caught on camera

The Glaciology Group at Swansea University are engaged with trying to understand what controls the way glaciers and ice sheets change over time, especially in response to climate.

Helheim Glacier Calving EventIn the summer of 2010, Dr Tim James and some of the team, were out in Greenland on the south shore of Helheim Fjord, which is accessible only by helicopter from the town of Tasiilaq. They installed cameras that would take digital photographs of Helheim's calving.  The team had been in the field for 5 days and very little had happened.  Only very small bits of ice broke off which could be heard but not seen.  The team were camped about 4 km away from the fjord front.  After 6 days they had installed two cameras that were running nicely and were installing the third camera when out of nowhere they a really deep rumble that was shooting down the fjord. They hadn’t heard anything like that before. Read the full story.

The time-lapse video footage has now had 29,000 views on YouTube and has had wide media coverage, including NBCnews.com!

The video has also been picked up by an American news agency who wrote an article at: http://livescience.com/32006-greenland-glacier-breaks-off-icebergs.html .They also posted the footage which has now had 53,000 views: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=ovMhspvwpmw

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