Soapbox Science in Swansea

Wales’ leading female scientists including many from the College of Science at Swansea University were recently showcasing science to the general public from their soapboxes.

soapbox1The event took place on the 5th of July 2014 next to the 360 Beach and Watersports Centre and proved to be very popular with the public.

Twelve women scientists from various science disciplines took turns to stand on soapboxes and share their excitement about their research work.

Exploding volcanoes, a pumping heart and living maggots were just a few of the points of interest for passers by.

The College of Science was well represented during this event by Dr Ruth Callaway and Dr Emily Shepard from Biosciences, Prof Siwan Davies from Geography, Dr Sofya Lyakhova from Mathematics and Dr Sophie Schirmer from Physics.

soapbox3Very positive feedback was received from the public; many people were not aware of what is being done behind the Swansea University fences and were surprised about the excellent and ground-breaking science we do.

We hope to run another Soapbox Science event next year and we are already looking for the speakers so if you are a female scientist who wants to share your research, please contact us.

More information about the event and related reports can be found on the website:

Story by Emilia Urbanek