Seagrass meadows around British Isles in 'perilous state'

BBC Online reports on research by a team including Dr Richard Unsworth of the College of Science, which shows that seagrass meadows around the UK’s coastline are in a perilous state.

Seagrass meadowsPlants are being damaged by pollution and human disturbances such as mooring boats, according to researchers.

Surveys of 11 sites in England, Wales and Ireland found high nitrogen levels in water were affecting the health of seagrass meadows at all but two areas.

Seagrass, which is found in shallow waters of coastal regions, is declining globally at a rate of about 7% a year.

In the 11 areas studied, even where conditions were good, seagrass faced damage from mooring or anchoring boats, said researchers Benjamin Jones and Richard Unsworth of Cardiff and Swansea universities. Read more.

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