SEACAMS Coastal and Marine Environmental Workshop for Boat Owners

The first SEACAMS Boat Owners workshop was held at Swansea University on 8 April 2011. The aim of the workshop was to give boat owners the opportunity to learn about the principles and practices of environmental surveys


By conveying how boat owners can make use of their vessels for environmental survey work and how best to market their services, SEACAMS (Sustainable Expansion of the Applied Coastal and Marine Sectors)  hopes to aid these local businesses to gain access to potential work available.

The day was comprised of a series of talks from guest speakers as well as SEACAMS staff  members, followed by a demonstration on Swansea University research boat, RV Noctiluca.  Once the boat was taken out into Swansea Bay, a mock survey was conducted, including a beam trawl and a Long arm Van Veen grab to highlight examples of equipment that may be needed for ecological survey.
The day proved a big success with five enterprises being assisted by SEACAMS.  It could only have been enhanced by the stunning weather conditions and the sighting of harbour porpoises in the Bay.  SEACAMS are planning another work shop on 7th June and one in Pembrokeshire in May.  Click here to read the full SEACAMS Boat Owners Workshop Newsletter