Quantum Advisory Prize for the most original contribution to Mathematics

Alissa Alicherova Kamilova from Sofia in Bulgaria, now living in Monterey in Mexico, graduated in absentia with a First in BSc Mathematics at the Swansea University award ceremony at the Great Hall, Bay Campus last month.

Alissa Alicherova Kamilova Alissa, is the first recipient of the ‘Quantum Advisory Prize for the most original contribution to Mathematics’ of £1000 donated by Quantum Advisory, Cardiff, the Actuaries and Employee Benefit Consultants.

Alissa, aged 24, known to her colleagues and friends as Ali, will hopefully be proudly looking forward to continuing her studies as a postgraduate student at Oxford.   Ali’s project entitled ‘Quantum Computing for a Quantum World’  started from the linear-algebraic foundations of quantum mechanics and then described the fundamental principles of quantum information and logic. She brought it all together by presenting a detailed example of the difference between quantum and classical computing.

Alissa was supervised by Dr Jeff Giansiracusa of the Department of Mathematics who said: "Working with Ali was a great pleasure. She inverted the student-supervisor relationship and taught me new things about the subject! I thoroughly enjoyed watching her dive in and develop her expertise in this area, and I am looking forward to hearing about what she accomplishes next."

Ali said  “I was very pleased when I got the chance to work on this project, since Quantum Computing has been something that has interested me for many years. Although researching for it was a reward in itself, finding out I have received a prize for it is exciting!

“ Starting a university degree in a foreign country can be overwhelming at times, but the staff in the Mathematics department, in particular my supervisor Dr Jeff Giansiracusa, Dr Lloyd Bridge and Dr Martin Crossley, among many others, have offered me their unparalleled support throughout all my work and they have made these last three years an amazing journey into maths.

“ I would also like to thank Quantum Advisory for this prize which will help support me financially during my PhD studies.”