Physics department hosts workshop for teachers visiting CERN

On Friday 12th February, a group of Welsh physics teachers will be spending a day in the College of Science to extend their knowledge about particle physics.

CERNThese lucky teachers will be making their way to CERN, the world’s home of particle physics, later this month for a week long tour of the laboratory. While there, they will have tours of the experiments, including the antihydrogen facility where Swansea Physicists are busy making antimatter and testing fundamental theories of gravity. The teachers will also meet some of CERN’s leaders such as Prof Lyn Evans, a Swansea graduate who was the Project Leader of the Large Hadron Collider and hear talks from experts on detector design and the application of particle physics technology to medical diagnosis tools.

The Swansea Physics Department will be hosting a workshop prior to the teachers’ visit to CERN. This will include preparatory lectures and hands-on computer demonstrations of the fundamentals of particle physics to give the teachers the background knowledge so that they can get the most out of their time in CERN. The teachers will also be given a tour of the positron antimatter lab in the Physics Department. Around 10 teachers will be present and there are plans to make this an annual event.