Physicist Professor Gert Aarts and his 'extreme' world tour

During the spring, Professor Gert Aarts of the Physics Department travelled around the world (well, almost) to lecture about topics in particle physics under extreme conditions.

Gert Aarts in Korea 2015In March 2015, Gert participated in a two week programme at the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (YITP) in Kyoto, Japan, where he presented current research work on nucleons at nonzero temperature.

Gert's next stop was Rio de Janeiro where he lectured on Quantum Chromodynamics, and the theory of quarks and gluons, at a school on Hadron Physics. This was mostly attended by students and researchers from Brazil and Argentina.

Finally, during the second week of April, Gert went back east again and gave introductory lectures on the dynamics of elementary particles in and out of equilibrium in Seoul, Korea. Here, he was a guest of Professor Seyong Kim, a frequent collaborator and visitor of the Physics department at Swansea University. 

Professor Aarts is currently relaxing back in Swansea!