PhD student wins Welsh Livery Guild I.T. Travel Scholarship

PhD student Wynne Evans has won a Welsh Livery Guild I.T. Travel Scholarship worth £1000. He plans to use this to fund a research visit to the Jefferson Lab in Virginia.

Wynne EvansWynne said "The Welsh Livery Guild is a registered charity that was established for the purpose of promoting education, science and the fine arts in Wales. Every year the Guild awards a number of scholarships including an I.T Travel Scholarship of £1000.

I use a numerical approach to research Quantum Chromodynamics, the theory of the strong nuclear force. This approach is dependent on state-of-the-art supercomputing and tailored software.

I currently depend on a software suite called Chroma to undertake my research. Chroma saves me a lot of time but it is difficult to modify since there is no documentation. In interview, I proposed to members of the Guild that I be sponsored to visit the authors of Chroma at Jefferson Lab in Virginia, USA, to implement an extension to Chroma, which I require for the next stage of my research.

I am currently in Virginia working on the project!"