NERC Planet Earth: Mycology against malaria - the research of Professor Tariq Butt

The latest edition of the Natural Environment Research Council’s (NERC) quarterly magazine Planet Earth highlights the research of Professor Tariq Butt from Swansea University’s College of Science.

Tariq and team in lab

In an article by Tom Marshall entitled Mycology against malaria, Planet Earth highlights how insect-borne infections take an appalling toll across much of the world, and they’re turning up in new places.

The article details how Professor Tariq Butt (pictured, centre), a leading an expert on entomopathogenic (insect-killing) fungi – particularly Metarhizium anisopliae, or green muscardine fungus – is involved with several projects aimed at developing new techniques that will help in the fight against insect-borne diseases both in new territories and in the regions they’ve troubled for millennia.

Professor Butt is the Biocontrol and Natural Products (BANP) group leader in the Department of Biosciences.

Read the article, Mycology against malaria, on pages 18-20 in the summer edition of Planet Earth here. 

Story by Bethan Evans