Marine Biology Students return from eastern Indonesia research trip

Greg Brown and Rebecca Stone, two final year Marine Biology students have just returned from an incredible research trip to remote eastern Indonesia.

Marine Biology Student Research Trip 1Rebecca and Greg conducted their final year dissertation projects on seagrass fish community ecology and resource management in the Wakatobi National Park with Dr Richard Unsworth. Using the Operation Wallace Research Centre as a base they travelled to islands and ingenious communities around the park and experienced the amazing culture and biodiversity of the Coral Triangle region where seagrass meadows alone have over 300 species of fish.  Both student projects contributed to a wider research and environmental education project on seagrasses and food security in the Coral Triangle funded by the Waterloo Foundation and run as a collaboration between Swansea and Cardiff University. Greg and Rebecca were also a great help to the project, helping to run a number of seagrass conservation management workshops in the area.