IBM UK to collaborate with Computational Foundry researchers, supported by CHERISH-DE Secondment

In a unique collaboration between Swansea University and one of the UK’s largest tech research companies, CHERISH-DE project is to launch an exclusive secondment initiative to research staff this week, to drive forward breakthroughs to transform society.

Dr Peter Waggett, Emerging Technology Director at IBM UK, showcased the areas of research he oversees at IBM to researchers at Swansea University on 11th July 2018.

He comments: “At IBM, we are pioneering a number of technologies that will transform industries and society. We call this our ‘5 in 5’ – the five innovations that will help change our lives within five years, particularly future of AI, blockchain and quantum computing. I visited Swansea University this week to give an insight into our world of research and aim to work closely with CHERISH-DE to provide matching academic staff with complementary research interests to the areas we are focusing on in our research labs.”

IBM visit









Tashi Gyaltsen, Project Officer at CHERISH De, who led on the collaboration initiative, stressed the importance of providing industry engagement opportunities to the world-class researchers at Computational Foundry. He comments: “Industry collaboration is key to our vision of achieving greater research impact. At CHERISH-DE, it is our aim to facilitate such collaboration between emerging researchers and relevant industry so that innovative solutions can be achieved for industry problems and societal challenges. We are very excited to initiate and support the IBM UK and Computational Foundry Collaboration Day”.

The event, which was set up by CHERISH De project in collaboration with Swansea University’s Computational Foundry, brought together emerging Early Career Researchers and senior academics throughout the university. The next step of this initiative is to start secondment process where we will look at matching skillsets and research areas between the two organisations following which the collaboration day will be held at IBM Hursley.

Those selected to participate from the Computational Foundry will receive £2k Secondment funding from CHERISH-DE, on completion of a detailed impact report, which will enable academics to drive forward research collaborations with IBM for forward-thinking technological advancements. CHERISH-DE also provides seedcorn funding on interdisciplinary projects and international mobility.