Herschel Space Observatory Lecture

The College of Science Department of Physics in association with the British Science Association hosts a Dolen Lecture Event

Dolen Lecture EventHerschel Space Observatory: the end of the beginning




Dr Chris North
Astronomy Researcher, School of Physics and Astronomy, Cardiff University and Co-Presenter 'BBC Sky at Night'

7.00 to 8.30pm, Thursday 7 November 2013
Grove Lecture Theatre, Swansea University

The Herschel Space Observatory was launched in May 2009 and observed the Universe until April 2013. Despite the operational phase of the mission being over, this is just the beginning, with the analysis of the data still ongoing and results still flowing out at an impressive rate. Dr Chris North will outline the mission and a few of its science highlights so far.

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*Image (Herschel's view of the Horsehead Nebula - credits ESA/Hershel/PACS, SPIRE/N. Schneider, Ph. André, V. Könyves (CEA Saclay, France) for the “Gould Belt survey” Key Programme