Gert Aarts talks about High Performance Computing

Professor Gert Aarts, Department of Physics, Swansea University, explains how using HPC is essential to research

Gert AartsProfessor Gert Aarts of the Theoretical Particle Physics Group at Swansea University is using HPC Wales’ systems to assist him in carrying out fundamental research in elementary particle physics. This research will increase our understanding of how the universe around us works, and has recently been recognised with a Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award which is intended to assist UK universities attract and retain scientists of outstanding achievement and potential.

“In our field, access to high performance computing (HPC) facilities is essential. We are in the fortunate position to have access to HPC resources, via HPC Wales. This is of utmost importance, not only for science but also for education, since our postgraduate research students receive thorough training in HPC. In my experience, research in many different fields requires heavy computation. Researchers should not be afraid of tackling the challenge; it is possible to learn things quickly and easily, and of course if it becomes more complicated, HPC Wales has people that can help out.”

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*image: Professor Gert Aarts with Prof Peter Higgs (Edinburgh) of Higgs Boson fame