Further Maths Support Programme hosts conferences for Year 12 students

Over 300 students from across Wales participated in the conferences held in a University setting which promoted studying Maths at sixth form as a gateway to exciting University courses and a variety of careers. The conferences were held between December 2016 and February 2017.

FMSP host Year 12 conferencesGlyndwr University

FMSP Wales held its first conference in the North East of Wales at Glyndŵr University enabling year 11 students from schools in Wrexham, Denbigh and Flintshire the opportunity to attend a series of workshops and talks in an event entitled ‘Maths is Your Future’. The one day conference was held on the 9th of December 2016 with 60 pupils attending and participating in the various activities. Workshops included: ‘Algometry – Seeing is Believing’; ‘Funancial Times’ delivered by Techniquest Glyndŵr and ‘Drawing Machines from Scrap’ with Nick Sayers. Dr Vitaly Moroz of Swansea University delivered a fascinating talk on the mysteries of a recently discovered two dimensional material Graphene. The feedback was very positive - “It was incredibly interesting and very enjoyable!” students were very positive about the event and 95% of students stated that the content of the day was good or excellent 97% would recommend this enrichment event to other students. 

Aberystwyth University 

The inaugural Mathematics Conference for Y12 students in Mid Wales was held in Aberystwyth University, students from schools in Ceredigion, Gwynedd and Powys attended workshops on a variety of topics from Mathematics in Sport, Unsolved Puzzles and Aperiodic Tessellations. Two workshops were delivered bilingually. The event was attended by 50 students from 7 schools, it was the first time that five of these schools had attended an FMSP conference. Students’ comments included; “I thought it was a very interesting and informative conference about Maths and logic” ; “It was fabulous”; another said “Interesting. Some talks made me think differently about Maths”. Over 98% of students would recommend this enrichment event to other students and 100% of teachers. A teacher from Ysgol Penweddig wrote “The content was excellent – expanding their mathematical knowledge and making them think!”, a teacher from Y Berwyn said “First class event and good fun.” 

Cardiff University 

Cardiff University hosted the annual conference where 146 students came and participated in 2 workshops and listened to two lectures. FMSP was very pleased to see ten schools supporting and participating in the event. 

Bangor University 

The annual conference for year 12 was held at Bangor University on 20th January entitled ‘Celebrating Women in Maths’. The day consisted of three interactive workshops with each student attending two workshops including ‘Patterns in Nature’, ‘Card Tricks and Algorithms’ and the ‘Maths in a Twist’. Speakers spoke of contemporary and historic examples of women mathematicians who have who have made great progress in what is sometimes seen as a field dominated by men. Two entertaining talks were given on the Theory of Juggling and Quantum Maths. Four schools from Gwynedd and Conwy attended and again the feedback was very positive with one teacher commenting “very inspirational to encourage the students to study maths in the future”. 

Swansea University 

Swansea University held their annual Year 12 conference at the beginning of February 2017. The 28 students from four South Wales schools attended two workshops; Making Connections delivered by Rebecca Cotton-Barratt, University of Oxford; Topical Geometry; Jeff Giansiracusa, Swansea University. The teachers who attended rated all talks/workshops as excellent, “Really engaging and pitched at the right level for the ‘brightest’ Year 12s”. All the students rated the day as good or excel-lent with 61% saying the content of the whole day was excellent.