Ellie Melloy - Swansea University icon!

Biosciences postgraduate student Ellie Meloy was selected as one of 6 “Icons” to represent Swansea University in their International undergraduate student recruitment campaign and she is soon to be seen on the backs of buses, billboards and magazines alike under the title of “#Campaigner”.

Bees Elinor MeloyShe was nominated as a result of her extracurricular activities including:

Presenting to Cardiff Councils Environmental Scrutiny Committee about policies for pollinators, which resulted in reduced mowing and flower seeding initiatives to be instigated.

Being an ambassador for the International Bee Research Association presenting at their Primary School Education Pack launch.

Representing IBRA and Swansea Ecological Research Team alongside Cardiff University School of Pharmacy at the National Eisteddfod of Wales 2014.

Becoming a Volunteer Warden for Natural Resources Wales and working for the University as a Science ambassador.

Ellie has also recently been chosen to be featured in Marie Claire’s “You'd Never Guess That: Inspiring Women Share Their Extraordinary Stories” monthly feature, which will be published in their January 2016 issue.