Dr Suzanne Bevan interviewed by The Wave

Dr Bevan, Department of Geography, has arrived in Antarctica with a team of glaciologists to study large melt lakes.

Antarctica is world's the fourth largest ice shelf and one of the fastest warming places on Earth. 

Dr Bevan and the team will be using ice-penetrating radar and temperature monitoring equipment to investigate the internal layering of the Larcen C ice shelf which is the largest on the Antarctic Peninsula, covering an area two and a half times the size of Wales. It is hoped that the investigation will determine whether the melt lakes are a recent phenomenon and to what effect they are having on the stability of the ice shelf.

Antarctic sunsetSpeaking ahead of the expedition, Dr Bevan told The Wave: "This area of Antarctica is one of the fastest warming places on Earth, but there still haven’t been many studies of conditions on the surface. The data we collect should help us understand how the climate of this region has changed, and how the ice shelf is likely to respond in the future”.

The team will be blogging from Antarctica at http://www.projectmidas.org/ and you can follow their progress on Twitter (@MIDASOnIce).