Dr Mike Fowler receives NERC grant

The grant has been awarded to investigate the sources of environmental change and how this is linked to outbreaks of moths

Dr Mike Fowler, Department of Biosciences, will examine "Interactions between sources of environmental change: How do resource quality and coloured environments drive multi-trophic eco-evolutionary dynamics?”

Mike will be collaborating with Dr Steve Sait (University of Leeds), who will run experiments using the Indian meal moth, a stored grain pest species, to investigate how multiple stressors (temperature and resource fluctuations) will interact with natural enemies (a parasitoid wasp) to drive complex population cycles.  

In addition, Dr Chenggui Yuan (Department of Mathematics, Swansea) will also be collaborating in the research to develop novel mathematical models in Swansea, to capture and develop our understanding of the eco-evolutionary dynamics of the experimental moth system. 

It is hoped that the findings of the research will improve our understanding of how to control outbreaks of moths, leading to economic benefits across the range of the moths. 

The total award for this project is £789.927 with £456.065 being the Leeds component.