Dr Ivonne Zavala receives Royal Society Award

Dr Ivonne Zavala, Department of Physics, has won a Royal Society Newton International Exchanges 2015 Award to develop a joint project in collaboration with Prof. Oscar Loaiza-Brito and Dr. Nana Cabo Bizet from the Physics Department, University of Guanajuato (Leon), Mexico.

Ivonne ZavalaThe project aim was to make progress in the understanding accelerating solutions in specific types of string theory compactifications (so called flux compactifications) with an eye on their relevance for early universe acceleration (aka cosmological inflation) as well as late time acceleration (aka Dark Energy). The award has covered the costs of a three week visit during September to the Mexican partners.

The Newton International mobility grants help strengthen the research and innovation capacity of researchers from partner countries by assisting them in visiting or sending staff and researchers with funding towards travel, subsistence and research expenses to developing networks, research projects and partnerships with their UK hosts/counterparts and the wider UK research and innovation community.