Digital Democracy Commission Live Launch

A year ago, the Speaker of the House of Commons, the Rt Hon. John Bercow MP, commissioned a report, engaging people across the UK on how to use digital technology to improve parliamentary democracy.

Digital Democracy 1Following this, in July last year, the Department of Computer Science held an event in the Cardiff Millennium Centre as part of the Digital Democracy Commission to discuss issues around technology and democracy.

More recently, as part of the launch of the Digital Democracy Commission’s Report `Open Up’ in January, the Department of Computer Science was invited to host a joint event, live streaming the Speaker of the House of Commons unveiling the report. The secretary of the Digital Democracy Commission, Edward Wood hosted the event in Swansea with an opening speech by the Vice Chancellor, Professor Richard B. Davies. 

After the live stream, came an opportunity to also pose questions to the Speaker in London through Twitter. Listen to the unveiling of the report here, and a mention of Swansea University from the Speaker 2.44 minutes into the speech:

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