Centre for Biomathematics hosts a two-day Workshop on Mathematical Ecology

The College of Science Centre for Biomathematics hosted a very successful 2-day workshop on Mathematical Ecology on 27-28 April 2017. This interdisciplinary meeting brought together more than 40 researchers from the UK and abroad, with participants drawn from mathematics, statistics, and ecology backgrounds.

The topics of the workshop spanned a broad spectrum of problems of current interest in mathematical ecology, with interesting talks on movement ecology, population dynamics and spatial ecology, and biodiversity and community ecology. There was also a lively discussion session on challenging open research questions and the nature of interdisciplinary research. 

The workshop was organised by Luca Börger, Department of Biosciences, and Elaine Crooks, Department of Mathematics, and was supported by the London Mathematical Society and the College of Science. More information and the abstracts of the talks can be found at the webpage https://mathbioworkshop1.wordpress.com

Mathematical Ecology workshop

This was the second session of the BioMathematics@Swansea 2017 event organised by the new Centre for Biomathematics to celebrate the launch of the Centre and promote its activities. The first session of BioMathematics@Swansea 2017 was a Workshop on Mathematical Medicine and Mathematical Pharmacology that took place in February 2017, organised by Gibin Powathil, Lloyd Bridge and Elaine Crooks, Department of Mathematics.