Biosciences field trips to the Gower

Gower Field Course 1

Here are some images from last year's Level 3 field course and this is what they did:

DAY 1:           Trip to Park Mill Gower (SS541895) - The bus will drop us off near Shepherds. We will walk uphill for about 0.5mile before assembling at the megalithic monument (grid reference above). The rest of the day is spent on relatively even ground which may be muddy in places. You will work in groups and you will have to complete 4 field exercises during the day. We will return to the bus (downhill) by late afternoon (about 5.00pm). 

DAY 2:           Trip to Cefn Bryn (SS491905) and Southgate (SS549880) Gower - In the morning we will travel to the top of Cefn Bryn and walk out to Arthur’s Stone. This is an easy 0.25 mile walk on fairly even flat ground. The bus will then take us to Southgate in the early afternoon. From there we will walk about 0.5 mile to a view point overlooking Three Cliffs Bay, where we’ll have lunch. Again the walk is easy on relatively even, flat ground. At both sites we will be doing some fairly intensive quadratting exercises which will require attention to detail. Both sites are grassland habitats and pollen counts could be very high on hot sunny days. We should be back to meet the bus by about 4.00pm.

Gower Field Course 2

DAY 3:           Trip to Crofty (SS523954) and Nicholaston (SS522883) - We will visit a salt marsh habitat at Crofty and a sand dune habitat at Nicholaston. The exact order in which this is done will depend on the tides on the day. Please note that the activities on this day will involve some strenuous activity. The salt marsh excursion may involve walking over very wet and sometimes very uneven ground. We may have to cross some shallow but very muddy creeks. For this we advise strongly that you bring Wellington boots (in a plastic bag) that you can change into.  Access to the sand dune habitat is via a set of steep steps. We also return via this route and some people may find this quite strenuous. Activity on the dune system involves walking on soft, uneven ground with some steep gradients. We should be back to meet the bus by about 4.00pm.

DAY 4:           Trip to Fairwood Lake (SS581915)- The bus will drop us off at University’s, Fairwood Playing Fields. From there it is a short, downhill walk (rough in places) to the lake. We will be stationed there all day. Activities do not involve strenuous walking. There is a fairly even trail around the lake that may be wet or muddy in places. There may be biting insects and on hot sunny days pollen counts tend to be high here. The lake has some steep banks. We should be back to meet the bus by about 4.30 pm.

Gower Field Course 3 DAY 5:           Lab Day - The purpose of the lab day is to analyse water samples as part of the aquatic biology exercises and to collate class data. Most of the field course exercises will involve gathering data in groups of 2 or more, but the final analysis will require all data to be combined into a class result. For this to be successful everybody must contribute and return their data on this day. Failure to do this will incur penalties (significant loss of marks). You will also receive instruction on how to handle the data on this day.