Beijing-Swansea Workshop on Stochastic Processes

In April, the Probability Theory research group from the Mathematics Department at Swansea University visited Beijing Normal University (BNU) for the first Beijing-Swansea Workshop on Stochastic Processes.

Beijing-Swansea Workshop on Stochastic ProcessesBeijing Normal University is one of the top Chinese universities and is home to the strongest probability theory group at Chinese universities. In China, this group is known as the “Stochastic Research Center” which is currently led by Professor Feng-Yu Wang, who is also a research professor in Swansea’s Mathematics Department. Founded in the 1960’s by Professors Shijian Yan and Zhikun Wang, it was established by Professor Mu-Fa Chen as one of the strongest groups working on probability in the world. Professor Mu-Fa Chen is a member of the Chinese Academy of Science and also an honorary professor of Swansea’s Mathematics Department.

Beijing-Swansea Workshop on Stochastic ProcessesSwansea University also has a strong research group working in probability theory. In the two latest International Reviews of Mathematics in the UK this group has been recognised as a significant contributor to the world leading status of the UK in the field of stochastic analysis. The group has particular strengths in the theory of functional inequalities (the research area of Professor Wang) and the analysis of Jump or Lévy-type processes.

Beijing-Swansea Workshop on Stochastic ProcessesIn July 2011 Prof. Jacob from the Swansea group gave a course for PhD students at BNU and it was during this visit that it was agreed that the two departments would enter into a long term collaboration starting with two workshops on stochastic processes. The first of these workshops was held in Beijing in April and was very successful. The Swansea group visited Beijing for a week including the four day workshop in which members of the two groups and their collaborators presented some of their work. The visit to Beijing also provided an opportunity for members of staff from Swansea to catch up with some of former Swansea students who are following successful careers in China.

Beijing-Swansea Workshop on Stochastic ProcessesA second workshop on stochastic processes will take place in Swansea this October and further collaborative projects are under discussion.