3rd year Biosciences student has paper published in peer-reviewed journal

Congratulations to Elyssia Mayhead who recently had her final year project entitled 'Comparing Nutrient Removal from Membrane Filtered and Unfiltered Domestic Wastewater Using Chlorella vulgaris' published in Biology.

Elyssia Mayhead - BSc Biology, graduated with First class honours

Elyssia Mayhead"In preparation for my final year project, I worked with my assigned supervisor Dr Carole Llewellyn to propose the idea of growing algae on wastewater as a means of tackling the twin challenges of environmental pollution and energy security. This project would expose me to a new area of Biology that I had never studied before and allow me to develop laboratory skills. 

AlgaeI worked with scientists within the Biosciences Department , to design experiments using wastewater as a growth medium for microalgal culture with a focus on improving current wastewater treatment. I was extremely lucky to be able to work with Dr. Llewellyn who is a leading scientist in microalgal research. I was also given the opportunity to gain invaluable experience working with scientists at Swansea University who have a background and working knowledge of algal biotechnology for bioremediation of wastewater, Dr. Fuentes-Grünewald and Dr. Silkina. They advised me on culture methods and taught me how to measure algal growth and conduct nutrient analysis. They supported me throughout the project and introduced me to real life laboratory work giving me confidence in my abilities as a young scientist. Together, we obtained great results and the work has been published in the journal ‘Biology’." 

‌“Ellie had a great approach to her research project being able to positively tackle challenges along the way”. Quote from Dr Llewellyn