Aleksandr in Dublin

Dr Aleksandr Nikolaev, a postdoctoral researcher in the Particle Physics and Cosmology Theory group of the College of Science's Physics Department, has been awarded an STFC Innovation Placement by the DiRAC Collaboration. This Award will allow him to work with ARM plc to enhance his computational skills with experience in Machine Learning during a six-month placement at ARM in Manchester.

Prof Gert Aarts, who is working with Aleksandr, says: "Aleksandr's research, on quarks and gluons under extreme conditions, relies heavily on high-performance computing. This opportunity will significantly enlarge his skill set, and will benefit both Aleksandr and our group working on lattice QCD." Aleksandr, who joined the Swansea group in November last year, states: "I am very pleased to have obtained this Award, and I am looking forward to starting the placement at ARM. It will allow me to learn many new techniques in code development, scientific computing and data analysis. Nowadays research problems in lattice QCD are very complicated and the area itself is highly competitive, thus collaboration with industrial partners such as ARM may provide a competitive advantage over other research groups." The scheme is overseen by DiRAC, the STFC integrated supercomputing facility for HPC-based research in particle physics, astrophysics, cosmology, and nuclear physics, which is providing computational support for the lattice QCD group.