Lizzie Daly at Greenman
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Lizzie Daly at Greenman 2019
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The Great Climate Change Jigsaw goes to Greenman!

Staff and Ph.D. students from Swansea University's Departments of Geography and Physics and Swansea University Outreach Fellow Lizzie Daly were at this year’s Greenman Festival's Einstein's Garden from August 15th to 19th with the 'Great Climate Change Jigsaw'.

Created by Swansea Geographer Professor Danny McCarroll, as part of the NERC and Royal Meteorological Society funded UK Oak project (OAK-RESEARCH.CO.UK) the Great Climate Change Jigsaw will give visitors to Einstein's Garden a giant hands-on introduction to how Britain's summers have changed over the last 800 years. All based on the information stored in ancient Britain oak tree rings.

Talking about the event Professor Danny McCarroll explains the jigsaw:

"We used isotope measurements from ancient tree rings to reconstruct the summer rainfall of the UK, for the last 800 years, and we turned that data into a big wooden ‘jigsaw’ that shows the UK's changing rainfall through time. It is easy to see periods when it was very dry or very wet. The wettest periods tend to correspond with famines in the past. We have lots of ‘jigsaw pieces’ that represent specific climate events, from the tree rings from old building timbers, and the challenge is to find where they slot into the jigsaw to match the dates. Some pieces are harder than others!"

The jigsaw is used to start conversations about climate science and how we need many different bits of science, from geography to physics, to put the jigsaw of climate science together.


The UK Oak project:

The paper the science is based on: