My experience of studying Mathematics at Swansea University

One of our Pakistani studentsSwansea University has a reputation for good quality research in Computer Science and Mathematics, great research facilities and environment. Swansea was recommended to me by my professor and colleague Khalida Inayat Noor a former student at Swansea University.

Almost everything was enjoyable. The environment for research and study, research fellows and staff dinners, seminars delivered by outstanding speakers and special courses for Postgraduates which helped introduce me to experts in my research field.

I would recommend Swansea University to international students. The University has ISAS -  International Student Advisory Service which provides free advice and information on non-academic matters to international students and their dependents. Swansea University is low cost in terms of tuition fees and the city is a very affordable place for students to live. 

I enjoyed the beautiful beaches of Swansea, especially the one I came along to Swansea University every day. Cultural diversity provides a great opportunity to enjoy different events and functions throughout the year. Having many sports centres, playgrounds and parks made it easy to enjoy swimming, cricket, tennis, football and a lot of other sports and entertainment.

I completed my PhD in Computational Mathematics and Analysis which focussed on the Numerical methods for Optimization and its practical applications.