Elian Rhind, 23 

Studying for a PhD in Mathematical Analysis

Mathematical Analysis is my passion – it is at the foundation of a wide range of subjects. I would love to develop what could be the basis of new and exciting maths. To contribute something of use to the field would be very fulfilling.

Mathematicians try to model the world we live in on a piece of paper. As we spot patterns or interesting behaviour among different things we make conjectures on what we believe is the reason behind our observations. 

The hard part, though, is to prove these claims. This is where our excitement comes in as we try to prove something that wasn't generally accepted as true before.

 A lot of things we take for granted today would simply not be there if mathematicians hadn't pushed the boundaries to expand our knowledge of how the world functions. 

In five years Swansea University has got me this far – but not just because my lecturers have guided and supported me. Participating in university life has developed my skills and the self-confidence needed to complete my work.

At my graduation I won the award for outstanding performance in the final year on the MMath (Hons) Mathematics.

I came to Swansea because it had the best rated maths department in Wales along with a strong selection of sports and clubs. I swim a lot, so the Olympic-sized pool was a bonus.

I quickly felt at home at the Maths Department but joining societies was an ideal way to meet new people and grow more independent. I very much enjoyed my time as an undergraduate and continue to enjoy postgraduate life.

I thought I was quite a quiet person but now I work with the department to help and encourage school pupils and promote the study of Further Mathematics.

The university is also at a great location. Being next to the beach and close to the city centre and Mumbles it provides plenty of options for you to get out and enjoy yourself.