Graduation Awards 2016

Congratulations to all of our students!

Valeria Candelo (Biosciences): John Hayward Prize in Biological Sciences

Freija Mendrik (Biosciences): Florence A Mockeridge Prize in Botany

Emma Tucny (Biosciences): George Wright Prize in Botany

Elizabeth Mills (Biosciences): Graham Ralston Memorial Prize in Marine Biology

Amanda Fry (Biosciences): David Huxtable Prize in Zoology

Richard Gunner and Rosemary Wool (Biosciences): Knight-Jones Prize

Charlotte Rees-Roderick (Biosciences): Oxford University Press Prize

Jack Coates (Biosciences): Highest Achieving Level 1 Student

Anthony Horlock (Biosciences): Highest Achieving Level 2 Student

Robert Still (Biosciences): Allen Travel Scholarship in Botany

Gavin Tsang (Computer Science): Best Performance by a Student on a 4-year Degree

Avishek Siris (Computer Science): Best Performance by a Student on a BSc Computer Science Degree

Yangfang Jiang (Computer Science): Best Performance by a Student on a BSc Software Engineering Degree

Blair Cowan (Computer Science): BCS Prize, Best 3rd Year Student Project

Richard Lamer, Casey Denner, Genalyn Estrada and James Watson (Computer Science): Project Fair Prize Winners voted by IT-Industry, academics and school students. 

Gavin Tsang, Siris Avishek, Zhou Shan, Yangfang Jiang and Huw Fulcher (Computer Science): 1 Year BCS Membership Winners

Alexander Vessey (Geography): Sir Dudley Stamp Prize for Best Physical Geography Dissertation

Alice Henson (Geography): David Wild Prize for Best Human Geography Dissertation

Emma Hales and Alice Henson (Geography): Geography Department Prize for Best Overall Performance in Geography at Level 3

Ian Chisholm (Geography): Terry Fenge Prize for the Greatest Commitment to Social and Environmental Justice

Emma Hales (Geography): Outstanding Dissertation in Physical Geography

Louie Vaughan (Geography): Outstanding Dissertation in Human Geography

William West, Jodie Wall, Angharad Vaulters, Cory Williams, Amelia James, Thomas Proffitt, Katy Wall, David Richardson, Alice Mathias, Amy Neal, Louie Vaughan, Alexander Vessey, Christopher Ballard and Ian Chisholm (Geography): Year 3 Commendation

Wai Nathan Lee: ICWS Outstanding Achievement Award

Alissa Kamilova (Mathematics): Quantum Advisory Prize

Tomas Dutko (Mathematics): Oldroyd Prize in Applied Mathematics

Rhiannon Bowers-James (Mathematics): Senior Foulkes Prize in Pure Mathematics

Chanel Crawford (Mathematics): David Pryce History of Mathematics Prize

Alissa Kamilova and Tomas Dutko (Mathematics): IMA (Institute of Mathematics and its Applications) Prize

Lewis Hancox (Mathematics): Lynne Charles Prize

Poppy Reffold (Mathematics): Junior Foulkes Prize

Lewis Bray and Yanting Ji (Mathematics): Rowland Wilson Prize

Alexander Mitchell-Lister (Physics): Prize for Best Student at Level 3

Joe Dale and John Goodwin (Physics): Prize for Best Student at Level M

George Jones and Muhammad Noerrahman (Physics): Prize for Best Project at Level 3

Luke Davis (Physics): The PM Davidson Prize for Best Theoretical Project at Level M

Jack Segal (Physics): The WC Price Prize for Best Experimental Project at Level M