Dr Alma Rahat

Dr Alma Rahat

Dr Alma Rahat, Lecturer in Big Data/Data Science

I joined the Computational Foundry from Plymouth University, where I worked as a lecturer in Computer Science. My bachelor degree was in Electronic Engineering and I began my career as a product developer engineer. I then returned to academia, and completed my PhD (in Computer Science) and Post Doc at Exeter University.

My research interests are focused on solving computationally expensive problems. Simply put, this is where you start with a problem and, by building a machine learning model, sample and query possibilities guided by predictions, and use promising solutions to sequentially improve the model: the ultimate aim is to locate or approximate the desired solution.

This research is important to industry as it is an efficient data-driven approach for problem solving, and closely mimics human decision making.

It’s my first week working at Swansea University; I love the architecture of the Bay Campus and being in a such a great location.