S4 - Swansea University Science for Schools Scheme

S4 - Swansea University Science for Schools Scheme

S4 provides interactive and hands-on science workshops to young people in South Wales to increase numbers studying science in higher education and taking up STEM careers. We have developed expertise in this domain since our formation in 2012, and through 2018 we are transitioning to a new S4 brand under the umbrella of Trio Sci Cymru.

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Participants feedback

Which workshop did you enjoy the most?

  • The biology workshop on Tues and the talk from Dr Emily Shepard on the Wed
  • Biology - so interesting. Cool dissection
  • Tuesday because I am very interested in biology
  • Biology on Tuesday because I enjoyed the dissection
  • I really could not say - it was all very interesting
  • All of them because they were all so fascinating
  • I loved the Circus workshop - more physical
  • Exoplanets modelling - interesting to find out about techniques
  • The Circus!
  • Greenhouse and Hunting for Exoplanets
  • Circus workshop and geography workshop - fun and interesting
  • Science of climate change and circus workshop
  • Geocaching - REALLY fun

The most interesting thing you learned?

  • Animal tracking
  • Fish adaptations
  • About 'climate change'
  • How to design videogames and the adaptations of fish and marine animals
  • How we search for exoplanets
  • How mackerel was great at adapting for its use
  • About global warming and all the sciences it contains, i.e. physics
  • Everything
  • Global warming is mostly affected by gas
  • Adaptations of fish to survive
  • The exoplanets
  • The science behind juggling
  • About global warming
  • Discovering exoplanets
  • Everything was interesting!
  • Hunting for exoplanets and science of exoplanets and science of climate change
  • How to juggle. Also what university (Swansea) is like and university experience from ambassadors
  • Circular motion of the circus act
  • How planets are found
  • How global warming works

Who inspired you the most, and why?


  • Dr Emily Shepard - would have loved to be able to speak to her and find out more - the topics were extremely thought-provoking
  • I liked all ambassadors and teachers, each made the experience more fun and interesting
  • Gareth because he was always helpful and funny
  • The physics professor who talked about exoplanets, since he gave me advice on Universities
  • Ross and Jacob - both very helpful and informative
  • All of them!
  • Everyone was brilliant, can't single out anyone
  • Everyone - all had a very good input on life and topics in the university
  • All ambassadors really good, approachable and friendly. Easy to ask questions. Good variety of ambassadors in terms of different stages of years of Uni.
  • All of them because they were all very informative and didn't mind when we asked them loads of questions
  • Gareth
  • Mary and Gareth. Talked to me and inspired me into their subjects


Any other comments?

  • I'd just like to say a huge thank you to everybody involved in the S4 programme and especially to Ross and Dr Mary - thank you for everything. To the ambassadors - Jacob was amazing.
  • Make it longer! Enjoyed it too much.
  • Your enthusiasm and passion has made me certain that I want to go to Swansea, as well as making me feel less tentative about moving out. Plus wedges were delicious.
  • Wonderful programme!
  • Longer summer school
  • Really enjoyed the week, ambassadors were so helpful, would love to come again.
  • Top marks to Ross! Excellent Manager etc