Photovoltaic interfaces graphic

Associate Professor in Material Science and Enigneering at Swansea University Matt Carnie collaborated with Computer Science and Materials Engineering, to work on research into Photovoltaic Interfaces.

CHERISH-DE supported researchers across the disciplines of Human-Computer Interaction and Materials Engineering to pioneer technologies that harvest energy from ambient light to power connected/mobile devices such as Internet of Things and everyday objects.

Dr Carnie comments: “As a materials scientist, the digital world was far outside the scope of my usual field of research. CHERISH-DE initiated discussions between myself and several Human-Computer-Interaction specialists. During these discussions we realised that the technologies that I work on – perovskite solar cells – are ideal for integrating into digital Internet-of-Things devices to make them self-powered and even interactive. 

Our initial discussions were fruitful, we wrote a proposal and were successfully awarded £900k by EPSRC to explore the future of self-powered interactive technologies. CHERISH-DE supported us throughout the bid writing process, introducing us to potential project partners, and continues to support us, bringing in new collaborators to this exciting cross-disciplinary project.”

The project works closely with industrial partners including Google, Hewlett Packard and Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.