Pawel Dlotko

DE Crucible builds bridges and connections between people in various discipline

I am a Mathematician and Computer Scientist. I help people outside my main disciplines to solve various problems using rigorous methods of Mathematics and Computer Science. I formalize a problem, find an efficient algorithm to solve it, implement it, and solve the problem.

My main area of expertise is computational topology: a branch of mathematics that allow to quantify the shape of a data. I use it in data analysis and machine learning. I work with electrical engineers, material scientists, neuroscientists, computational physics, medical doctors and more.

For many decades science was undergoing deep specialization, so that even within one discipline, scientists were not able to understand each other due to (over) specialization. As a consequence of such lack of communication, many ideas and possibilities have been lost. For me DE Crucible is an attempt to build interdisciplinary bridges and connections between people in various disciplines.

Attending career development workshop was a great and illuminating experience. But by far the most beneficial component was the ability of communicating with people in medical, social and political sciences who are facing problems that require digital technology, data (sometimes big) science to solve.

I truly believe that interdisciplinary collaboration is the key component to solve many future social and economical challenges. The CHERISH-DE Crucible is a groundbreaking community building initiative that prepare a ground for this. I am looking forward to see how it further evolves and participate in it!