Centenary Celebrations

Swansea University 2020 Centenary


Our Scientific and Technological History and Heritage


The scientific and technological heritage of Swansea and its neighbouring towns and valleys is old and remarkable. It is expressed in centuries old scientific and industrial achievements. Although many institutions were formed to strengthen this technical culture, a University was founded in the region only in 1920. The case for establishing a university in Swansea was based firmly upon the need and ambition for science and technology in the region.  We are looking forward to celebrating our heritage in science and technology as we progress to the Centenary of Swansea University in 2020. 

Our approach is to establish activities that

  • set the scientific and technological scene in the region before 1920;
  • explore the achievements by University staff and students; and 
  • highlight our current research, together with its origins and prospects.

In the coming years, we will create a range of historical activities including lectures, seminars, conferences, publications and exhibitions – especially with the help of Oriel Science, Swansea Museum and the Waterfront Museum.

We are keen to work with colleagues and students, past and present, societies and organisations, and knowledgeable individuals to map the history and heritage of science and technology. If interested please contact:

Professor John V Tucker

Centenary Events

Recent Lectures

  • John V Tucker, The Coming of Age of Science in Wales: Swansea 1848, Wednesday 25th April at the Waterfront Museum, 7:30pm 
  • Jennifer Rudd, Carbon Dioxide as a Fuel of the Future, Wednesday 30th May at the Waterfront Museum, 7:30pm