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MMaths and PHD Mathematics
Chief Pricing Actuary at PartnerRe

Chris Reynolds studied MMath and PHD Mathematics at Swansea University. Chris now works as Chief Pricing Actuary at PartnerRe in Switzerland.

What are you enjoying about your role as Chief Pricing Actuary?

It is continuously changing and 2 days are rarely the same.  I get to work with many talented people from diverse backgrounds and it’s given me the opportunity to see various parts of the world.

Is the job related to your degree? 

Yes.  Even though these days a lot of my time is spent on leading the team, I’m still involved in understanding the risks behind the products we reinsure.  The methods we use for these relate to the training in my degree and it’s a job that continues to involve a lot of figures, data analysis and projections.

What did you enjoy the most about studying Mathematics at Swansea?

It was a very friendly and welcoming University, with a great location in the city.  The maths department itself was not too big, so it had a personal touch and you had the opportunity to get to know all the lecturers.  The support received from the lecturers was much appreciated.

What skills did you learn from completing your MMath and PHD at Swansea? 

The main transferable skill that I’ve benefited from would be problem solving skills.  Throughout my career I’ve often been face with problems and being able to analyse these, work with the information available and come up with solutions has been invaluable.  The PhD also taught me about managing large pieces of work over multiple years and working autonomously – this has certainly helped in my professional life.

Did you undertake any additional work-related support while at Swansea University?

Yes – I did some marking and led some tutorials.  I also taught mathematics to adults at an evening class in a local college.

What would your advice be to new students thinking of applying to study at Swansea?

I had a great time at Swansea and obtained a solid degree in a friendly and supportive environment.  It was an overwhelmingly positive experience for me and would strongly recommend it to anyone thinking of studying there.  It opened many doors for me and I’m sure it could do the same for them too.