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“I’ve worked for two Labour Secretaries of State, focusing on energy and climate change and I currently advise Labour’s Energy and Climate Change Minister. My role entails a lot of discussion around our climate and energy policies, trying to shape the debate on key sustainability issues and giving indications to stakeholders about our thinking. We appear to have instigated a climate change arms race between us and the government which is no bad thing. I also had the absolute privilege to work on the Labour Manifesto, writing the original drafts of the climate change chapter, which was a real privilege.”

“On an average day, I wake up and check out the headlines to see if we need to respond to any major events in climate or energy, often we meet with stakeholders like energy companies or NGOs and have policy meetings throughout the day. I love my role with the variety of challenges it brings. The degree I received from Swansea got me through the door to these rolls, but it’s the love of the subject that I got from Swansea that actually landed me the job in the interview. Gaining a genuine interest in the subject is one of the things that makes Swansea so amazing, many of the lecturers were fantastic and make you fall in love with the subject. So much so, that when you go for interview the passion of the subject really comes across and makes it easier to land any job.”

“Swansea is an amazing university for a long list of reasons, the lecturers were great and very enthusiastic, some of them were advising the government on refugee policy, and one was even writing some of the IPCC reports which led to the Paris Agreement - they really knew their stuff! The field trips we went on were many and varied and always good fun. You’d usually end up stood in a bog in your wellies with other students taking peat samples which is more fun than it sounds! I also had the opportunity to go to Vancouver which was absolutely amazing. I loved Swansea for the warm positive vibe that it’s got, the people there were lovely and I found it easy to fall into many great friendships. Just recently I went to a wedding between two of my course mates at Swansea and we meet up every year and go to the Gower, I've made friendships for life and it's all thanks to Swansea University!”

Bryn studied Geography in 2009. He tweets @BrynKewley