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Learn where and how to find information, literature and data, and how to organise and manage it effectively.  Find research articles and other sources, enhance your literature review and manage your references.


Discover where to go to find the information you need.  View and Book these workshops

Finding Theses for your research topic

New to research? How the library can help

Search strategies for systematic & in-depth reviews

Newspapers as a source of research information


Accessing research information from Archives

Introduction to open research


Intensive Library Research Skills Development Day

Better literature reviews: advanced search strategies


You will now be generating larger amounts of data and written work.  These workshops will help you to organise and manage your research outputs and references.  View and book these workshops.

Better literature reviews: keeping up to date with new research

Advanced EndNote

Managing and sharing research data


Enhance your ability to manage diverse types and large volumes of data and information with the skills you need to complete your thesis.  View and book these workshops.

Evaluating research by numbers: an introduction to citation metrics

E-Thesis Training - let the world read your research PhD


Put these skills into practice throughout your research degree, using these resources and software in the creation of draft thesis chapters, starting as quickly as possible.


Training and resources are available via Blackboard on topics such as literature searching and review, managing and sharing research data, and effective academic reading and note-making.