Postgraduate Research Students

Skills Development for Postgraduate Research Students









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Swansea University’s framework for Postgraduate Research (PGR) student training aims to support and guide you to develop the skills, knowledge and attributes you need to excel in your research degree and future career, whether in higher education or otherwise. 

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PGR skills development and training opportunities are grouped into the themes below.  Click on each theme to learn more:

Immerse and Support


Some of the best ways to gain and develop your skills is through immersive experiences, where you get involved and apply, reflect upon and reinforce your skills in a practical way. Active participation in “IMMERSE” activities enables you to evidence your skills as you progress with your career. You can find out more about these activities under each training theme.


You can also access “SUPPORT” resources, including online training, workshop recordings and ebooks whenever you need them.  Find them on Blackboard.