Steel is a 21st century industry, with Swansea University at its heart.

Swansea University was founded to meet the needs of the metal industries. Today, its work on steel is more important than ever. 

Swansea is in the UK’s steel heartland. The University’s Bay campus is within sight of the Port Talbot steelworks. This is the foundation for a strong and enduring partnership.

How Swansea researchers develop tomorrow's technologies

The University is an unrivalled centre for steel research expertise.  Nowhere else can offer all this: 100 research experts; a location in the industry’s heartland; state-of-the-art equipment for testing, imaging and analysis; links with other universities’ research experts.  

Researchers in the University and the steel industry work hand in hand on tomorrow’s technologies, including:

  • New steel-based products which turn buildings into power stations that store and release their own energy
  • Using nano-level technology to develop lighter steel for more energy-efficient cars
  • Improving the way blast furnaces are loaded and stirred, saving the industry millions

The University also offers brand-new research and testing facilities, including the Steels and Metals Research Institute. 

Swansea Uni Steel

21st century steel