Swansea Science Festival Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for participants and attendees of online sessions

· I will not record, take photographs or screenshots or livestream the online session or any part of it and I will not share any images (including but not limited to: photographs, screenshots, recordings or a live streaming) of the online session.

· I will not share images of the class/group

· I understand that there may be age requirements and restrictions which apply to the online session, and I confirm that I have considered the requirements and restrictions. In proceeding to accept these terms and conditions, I confirm that the online session is appropriate for myself and/or any child or children in my care and who will attend the online session.

· I understand that acceptance of these terms and conditions will constitute providing parental permission for any interactive live streaming (online) session with under 18 year olds (if applicable) and any interaction by way of an online session with children under the age of 13 (if applicable).

· I understand that I am and will be responsible for my behaviour during any online session or event in which I participate or attend, including the language I use. I will also be responsible for any chid or children in my care who attend the online session.

· I will be respectful of others at all times and will not make any comments or send any material that is, or could be considered to be threatening, bullying, offensive and/or illegal

· I will not deliberately browse, download or upload any material that is or could be considered to be offensive and/or illegal.

· I will not give out any personal information to includes my phone number, address, email address and/ or any social media identity to anyone other than if asked to do so by a member of staff

· I will not reveal my personal information, any confidential information or any passwords to anyone, at any time during the online session.

· I understand that any comments I make or post will be seen by others and cannot be edited or deleted and this can become a part of my ‘digital footprint’.*

· I will not arrange a face-to-face meeting with anyone I meet online

· I will dress appropriately for all online sessions and/or classes, being mindful of showing respect for others

· I will ensure that I log in from an appropriate location, and will consider the background, camera angle, privacy, etc. both prior to logging into the session and/or class and throughout the duration of the online session and/or class

Any data and/or information which Swansea University collects from or about you for the purposes of providing the online session will be processed and stored in accordance with the Swansea Science Festival Privacy Policy

We, Swansea University, reserve the right to remove participants from sessions at any time for any breaches, or potential breaches, of the above conditions.*Your digital footprint is your digital identity, and it could show up when someone searches for your name online. For example, employers could use your digital footprint as a basis for character assessment.


· I accept the above terms and conditions and in proceeding to attend the online session/s I will observe them accordingly.