Our Breakthroughs

We advance new technologies and innovation

We are supporting industry with new technologies around cleaner, greener steel and creating houses which can generate, store and release their own energy.

We are developing novel and innovative medical procedures such as ‘pain free’ microneedle devices for specialised drug and vaccine delivery and we are leading on the development of the next generation of implantable blood pumps for advanced heart failure. We created some of the first ever animal tagging devices which has revolutionised our understanding of animal movement, migration and behaviour.

We are shaping guidelines, changing policy and pioneering change

We challenge conventional thinking and change policy to protect the futures of those most vulnerable in our society. We have shaped new law on the human rights of children and young people. Our research has directly informed policy on workplace discriminations by revealing deeply entrenched inequalities in Wales and the UK.

We shape guidelines to support those affected by self-harm, and lead on developing global policies relating to the safe use of nanomaterials.

We have achieved international recognition for our research to better understand the needs and aspirations of an ageing population. We have challenged conventional wisdom on international drug policy, pioneering high level debates and changing policy.

We act to advise the military to protect cultural sites in areas of conflict and natural disaster and have acted as the catalyst in the regeneration of abandoned industrial sites.