Research-led teaching

Research-led and practice-driven teaching

Research-led and practice-driven teaching helps to ensure that the University's degrees are relevant to the modern world. Swansea University has a growing reputation for undertaking world-class research across many areas of its academic portfolio, and for seeking opportunities for staff research expertise to inform course content.

Similarly, many degree programmes, such as nursing, engineering, and law, lead to practical qualifications, with opportunities to put theory into practice often integral to the teaching and learning experience.

The University is currently assessing examples of research-led and practice-driven teaching linkages across campus to identify opportunities to build on existing good practice, and to develop new strategies that embed these linkages across its academic portfolio.

The University aims to ensure that the relationship between research, practice, and teaching is developed over time so that it evolves as a fundamental part of the University's planning at institution, College, Department, and course curriculum levels.

Students taught by staff who bring their latest research findings into the lecture theatre

  • are likely to be more engaged with the subject, and to find that the way they are taught keeps it alive, relevant, and up-to-date.
  • find it particularly memorable and inspirational to be taught new theories and to put new technologies into practice as they are being developed.
  • benefit from a combination of approaches to research-led and practice-driven teaching.
  • are stimulated by course content that has been determined by their lecturers' research interests.

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