Research Publications

The University has developed 'Cronfa', a publications repository to host details of all publications across campus.

Click here to access Cronfa

The benefits to Swansea University of having an institutional publications repository include:

  • Reduction of effort and duplication.  The outputs in Cronfa will be entered once on the system and will be used for multiple purposes. 
  • For example, researcher output management, professional reviews, promotions, Research Excellence Framework submission and internal mini REF exercises and College management reports.
  • Consistency and greater accuracy across the institution.
  • Immediacy of promoting newly released publications
  • Sharing appropriate data internally with colleagues and management
  • More effective engagement with external stakeholders though rapid dissemination of publications via the website and the showcasing areas of strategic strength
  • Linking with web-based search tools such as Google Scholar to increase the likelihood of citation.