Interdisciplinary research initiatives

Interdisciplinary Research

Swansea University's thriving research community is driven by an enthusiasm to push back the boundaries of scientific and academic discoveries. At the heart of this is a network of interdisciplinary research centres and groups, established to enable staff with expertise in different fields to explore radical new concepts and take their research in directions that may not otherwise have been considered.

From the effects of climate change to the needs and aspirations of an ageing population, the complex fabric of life in the 21st century faces many challenges and opportunities.

Addressing them requires new paradigms in debate and action, which cross the boundaries between the scientific and technical, the political, cultural and social. Delivering these new paradigms requires fresh thinking, modes of connection and communication.

With a vibrant, agile research community, capable of fostering strong and enduring interdisciplinary links, Swansea is capitalising upon its early successes across the science and engineering boundaries to respond quickly to the debate about interdisciplinary research and help shape and define its future. The benefits and necessity of interdisciplinary research is recognised by the Welsh Assembly Government and supported by the UK Research Councils.

By enabling and rewarding cross-disciplinary research from across the breadth of its research activity, and supporting staff to utilise their strong discipline-based foundations, to work at the interface of academic research, Swansea University actively encourages exciting and innovative collaborative approaches to interdisciplinary research.

Some of our innovative programmes include:

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