Our Vision

To contribute to the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of Swansea Bay and South West Wales through entrepreneurial leadership and venture development opportunities across a diversity of stakeholder communities.

What is IfEL?

The Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership (IfEL) based within the Department of Research and Innovation is an inter-disciplinary, pan-institutional research institute of Swansea University. 

Being part of Swansea’s Department of Research and Innovation, IfELprovides both a research and development function and a central point of coordination for the delivery of entrepreneurial activity at Swansea. IfEL is closely engaged with the Swansea Employability Academy, Youth Entrepreneurship Service (YES), and the careers and employability service as well as being represented on Swansea Bay Partnership.  The Institute is also represented on EU advisory groups on Entrepreneurship Education.

What does it do?

The Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership:

  • Serves the community and the wider economy by doing and sharing research into what it means to be an entrepreneurial leader,
  • Provides tools, like the LEAD Wales programme, to help the entrepreneurial community to take advantage of new business opportunities,
  • Works with students and graduates through the Enterprise Support Programme  to help them start-up and run their own companies,
  • Provide skills development and formal curricula in a diversity of contexts to improve the employability opportunities for graduates and alumni.
  • Provides training for continuing professional development opportunities for educators who teach, or want to teach, entrepreneurship in all its forms, 
  • Stimulates connectivity and interactions across the boundaries between individuals and groups through our network activities and events,
  • Through collaborative partnerships it extends across Wales, Europe and internationally.

To see more examples of what we are up to on a day to day basis, visit our blog.