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Your details will be entered into a secure database. We contact members of the database when a researcher at the Department of Psychology is looking for participants to take part in a study. You will be provided with detailed information so that you can decide whether you may be eligible for the study, and whether you would like to take part. It’s important to note that once registered on the database, you are never under any obligation to take part in the studies we contact you about. You are always free to choose whether or not you wish to take part. If you choose not to take part in a study you won’t need to give a reason. Participation is always very much appreciated - it would not be possible to conduct our research without volunteers. We thank you very much for your support.

We will also contact you from time to time about other events, such as our coffee mornings, where researchers present study results and findings in an informal, relaxed setting.

If you have any questions before or after registering, please do get in touch. Thank you very much for your interest in helping us with our research.

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