Our research group

Clinical psychology is an area of psychology dedicated to understanding and preventing psychologically-based dysfunction and promoting subjective well-being. Health psychology is an area of psychology dedicated to understanding biological, psychological, and social factors that are involved in health, illness, and healthcare. The clinical and health psychology research group tests and develops psychological theory, as well as informs policy and practice. We investigate a range of research questions, including aetiology and treatment of nightmares, mild cognitive impairment and acquired brain injury, issues related to diet and eating, drug and alcohol consumption, gambling, autistic spectrum disorders, and workplace factors, such as long-term effects of shift work.

The TeamResearch Activity
Prof. Paul Bennett  Distress due to genetic risk for disease; attention and health behaviour
Prof. David Benton Development of dietary products and advice to improve mood and cognition
Prof. Mark Blagrove Study and treatment of nightmares
Dr. Hana Burianová Neurodegeneration, brain injury, pathological ageing
Dr. Megan Crawford Insomnia, obstructive sleep apnoea, behavioural sleep medicine
Prof. Jason Davies Personality disorder, offending behaviour
Prof. Simon Dymond  Experimental psychopathology, gambling, addiction
Dr. Claire Hanley Pathological ageing, neurodegeneration, dementia
Dr. Rachael Hunter Mental health, venous thrombo-embolism, well-being
Dr. Osamu Kobori Obsessive compulsive disorder, CBT, health anxiety
Prof. Michelle Lee Physiological and cognitive determinants of eating
Dr. Rob Lowe Adjustment to illness, coping strategies, health behaviour
Prof. Andrew Parrott Adverse effects of recreational drugs on mood and cognition
Prof. Phil Reed Autism spectrum disorder, schizophrenia, addiction, reading problems
Prof. Andrea Tales Mild cognitive impairment, dementia, ageing
Dr. Jeremy Tree Prosopagnosia, dyslexia, aphasia, amnesia
Dr. Philip Tucker Shiftwork, circadian rhythms, fatigue, work stress
Dr. Laura Wilkinson Eating behaviour, obesity, domestic violence
Dr. Claire Williams Traumatic brain injury, acquired brain injury, alexithymia
Dr. Hayley Young Nutrition, affect regulation, cardiovascular functioning