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Forensic psychology is a branch of applied psychology concerned with the interface between psychology and the law, and includes many aspects, such as legal process, the assessment, supervision and treatment of those who have offended, working with victims of crime, and addressing risk and re-offending.

The Forensic Research Group has specific interest and experience in research focused on the legal process (e.g., juror decision making, witness memory, victim testimony, fitness to plead, investigative interviewing, discharge/release decisions); offending behaviour (e.g., developmental factors, personality [psychopathy and sadism, emotionally unstable personality disorder, anti-social personality disorder], treatment interventions and their outcomes, suggestibility, case formulation and risk assessment, specific offence types [e.g., sexual offending, intimate partner violence] and systems and staff [e.g., staff development, staff supervision and organisational factors]).

The members of this group have worked in prison, mental health, and probation settings, as well as with the police and the criminal and family courts.

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