When and Where

Seminars are held each Wednesday at 13:00 in Glyndwr B. The current schedule will be updated as talks are arranged.

For further information and general enquiries please contact Ruth Horry.


April 25th 2018

Speaker: Dr Sarah Laurence, Keele University, Psychology

Title: Face Recognition Across the Lifespan

Host: Jeremy Tree

March 21st 2018

Speaker: Prof Phil Newton, Swansea University, Medicine

Title: The use of ghostwriters for 'contract cheating' by students in Higher Education. What is it and what can we do about it?

Host: Simon Dymond

March 14th 2018

Speaker: Dr. Andrew Dunn, Nottigham Trent University, School of Social Sceinces

Title: No such thing as a context free experiment

Host: Cris Izura

March 7th 2018

Speaker: Dr Richard James, University of Nottinhgam, Department of Psychol

Title: Does mobile gambling attract or create problem gamblers?

Host: Simon Dymond

February 28th 2018

Speaker: Dr Karen Lander, University of Manchester, School of Psychology

Title: Exploring individual variation in face recognition

Host: Ruth Horry

February 14th 2018

Speaker: Prof Geg Atkinson, Teeside University, Health & Social Care Institute

Title: Pitfalls in precision medicine: How do we know individuals differ in their response to a health intervention?

Host: Ruth Horry

February 7th 2018

Speaker: Dr Richard Morey, Cardiff University, School of Psychology

Title: The fallacy of placing confidence in confidence intervals

Host: Ruth Horry