UK Armed Forces Veterans Health and Gambling Study Featured in Chief Medical Officers Annual Report

The first-ever UK-wide survey to understand gambling participation in ex-Service personnel was highlighted by the CMO for Wales

Gambling is a growing public health concern, and Armed Forces veterans may be at risk of gambling-related harm. Building on recently funded work for the Forces in Mind Trust, Professor Simon Dymond and colleagues are preparing to launch the first-ever UK-wide survey of gambling behaviour, attitudes, healthcare utilisation and physical and mental health factors in former members of the Armed Forces. Drawing on the support of Welsh Government and a range of stakeholders from across the UK, the team hope to identify whether or not veterans are at increased risk of gambling problems and, if so, what can be done to reduce harm.

You can read the CMO for Wales Annual Report here (the study is featured on p.58).

You can find out more about the UK Armed Forces Veterans’ Health and Gambling Study here.